Bogan Engineering Episode 3 – Packages

In this episode we recieve some of our packages from the guys at Formaz.

Plenty more parts to come and plenty of work to go, but check out the goodies we got today and if you need anything for your project, check out the guys at Formaz!

When we started this project, one of our biggest concerns was in relation to cost. This is primarily due to the fact that the 2015+ model ND mx-5 doesn’t have the most robust second hand/used parts market at all.

We’ve been pretty lucky to have hooked up with a company like Formaz as a customer, because we had a pretty bad experience getting most places to even respond to us.

The first thing you need to understand with buying used parts in Australia, especially for a new car, is that online simply sucks for getting parts. Gumtree as a whole is filled with people who are looking to do it quickly. So if you have questions, you’re better off going in person.

Tip one: Gumtree is useful only for gauging how much you can use gumtree with that company

This might sound silly, but look at the way that companies use gumtree to sell their parts, how they want to be spoken to (message, txt, email, phone) and who answers you when you contact them.

If it is a different person every time you speak to them, then do all the communication at once (saying “I’ll get back to you with..” doesn’t help if its ever the same person), or reiterate the previous conversation when you send an update.

Tip two: Go local where you can. It takes longer to find parts, but even if you have a mate who is local to the company, get them to go and ask.

We very quickly noticed that if a Gumtree conversation went past 2-3 replies or they spent a week talking to you (it happens very easily when you’re half a country away), then the conversation was doomed.

Tip three: keep the queries limited

Make sure you know what you want upfront, do your checks and order parts. You can always go back for more and they’re more likely to deal with you liently if you already paid for something.

Tip four: Call them

I know it seems obvious, but seriously. Call them. Sometimes people on the web are considered time wasters, or they have better things to do than check gumtree or their email. So act like a “normal customer” and call them. As a person who does most things via the internet, I forgot that people don’t do this in some fields… well this is one of them.

In the end….

Ask people for recommendations, ask people who they’ve dealt with before and it’ll help.