Bogan Engineering – The damage overview!

So, we’ve had the car for roughly 4 weeks now and had the time to go over the vehicle and nail down, just what is wrong and just what we need to fix.

Well, we finally actually got her rolling and outside in the sun, I’ve not actually seen her in daylight since I received the car. The dirt was horrid. Now it’s clean!

So we’ve added some photos below of her current state (well, current to the front end being removed!).

So here is the current damage assessment:

  • Both headlights are toast
  • The impact bar is decimated
  • The rail extension on the right is dead
  • The rails need to be straightened
  • The bonnet hinge bolts have snapped
  • The left front fender mounts have been bent
  • Drivers and passengers airbags need a reset.
  • The bumper support is not repairable
  • the antenna is gone

The front impact bar is off (as per above post) and I’ve now seen just how bad the rails are. 

Booking her in for her appointment with the repair shop today. I’ll be the rails, the bonnet, left fender and bonnet hinges. Not going to get them to spray just yet as I need to take images etc for the inspector to look over prior to painting.

Stay tuned for more information!