Extra Parts Ordered!

After our assessment post last week, we went looking to Formaz for more parts to fill the gap and they came through yet again!

For the most part, we weren’t able to asses a number of these parts until we got off the front impact bar. Which, as you can see below, is pretty much destroyed, but was stopping us from getting to a number of parts such as the headlight and the sensors.

If you refer back to the damage assessment post, you’ll notice a few points where some random circles seemed to be placed around damage to sections of the car we previously didn’t think were broken.

We were pretty upset to notice that both headlights were dead, having thought that only one would be damaged (and at that point we still thought that it would be salvageable). Unfortunately both are damaged, one is definitely beyond repair, but we’re going to try with the other (right hand side light), as we might be able to get away with some plastic welding!

We also noticed that in the time that the car had been sitting in the lot in either Perth or Canberra, that someone had stolen the antenna off of our car… well darn! But whilst looking at this damage we noted that the rear bumper had a loose clip on it and scratch marks.

It might not be 100% visible unless you zoom in, but it is enough to make a vehicle inspector not pass the car when we go to re register the car later this month!

So what have we ordered this week? well, take a look below and you’ll see. there wasn’t too much left on the todo list, but we’ve picked up the remaining headlight (which we might add is very expensive, even second hand), some more rail extensions and a new antenna!

The light has a little chip in the casing, but it is small enough that it should pass inspection without any great issue.

And with that, that is the final set of parts we need to start the project. So, starting from later this week, possibly next week we will be focusing down on straightening the rails of the car and replacing the airbag system, so keep an eye out for those posts and videos!