No big second video this week. But a little info on what you’ll find here

Hi Guys,

If you’re following through this project live or in the future, just know that there is only a short accompanying video this week, as I am not well and haven’t been able to film anything else. If you want the meaty car stuff, look to next week!

So instead, you’ll have to contend with me outlining what I want to do with the project YouTube and this Website.

Primarily the YouTube channel will just cover out the things I’ve achieved in a week. It’s not going to be much some weeks as I have a few hours a week to work on the project. But if I do anything, it’ll be there. I’ll cover the frustrations and the successes of someone trying to do this in a suburban garage, with everyday tools and a few hours to spare each week.

This website will be running along side the YouTube series, but will be adding additional information that is much easier to have in written form. This will include things such as wiring diagrams, canbus codes, procedures on how to reset or dismantle certain sections of the car.

Where possible, I will make sure that I let you know where to come to find more information here on the website by saying so in the videos. But even if I don’t say it, you will almost always find extra information here that isn’t outlined there… so just keep an eye out.

Until next week, peace out and don’t forget to come back next week.