Project Life Balance

In this post I’m going to cover off something that people in my life and a few online ask me about quite often.

How do you find the time to do this?

Hint: I don’t

The problem with doing a project like this when you work an everyday job will always be time. I never have enough of it and any kind of set back, like those I experienced this week whilst trying to remove the seatbelts, very hard to recover from.

Priorities and setting limits

Quiet frankly I try to set aside a few hours to work on this project. ~6 a week. This includes everything from actually undertaking project work, to filming, writing, editing and social media.

When it gets right down to it, that isn’t really a lot of time to deliver what I was hoping to:

  • 2 Videos a week
  • 1 major repair a week
  • 2 posts on the website a week

Other than the 6 hours I’ve set aside I try to not do anything on the car, unless I really have nothing else left to do. Because, between work, my family and the house I’d have to drop the ball on something else to do that work.

Whilst I know I shouldn’t apologise for not delivering content that is more substantial eg. I get more done per video… it really comes down to time. I’ll deliver what I can, but I’m not getting paid to do this.

Hope you still enjoy the content and with that, todays video can be found below!