Fenders are off, damage report time!

Over the past few days we’ve managed to get the front opened up to assess the damage and see what else is wrong.

Its worse than my initial assessment, but it’s not a deal breaker (it’d be hard to do that given what I paid for it).

No other frame kinks, which is nice! But check out the buckle to the fender support

The apron is pushed sideways and buckled

Not what I was hoping for… its really come away from the spot welds and the shape isn’t great.

You can see how its pulled away from the welds here

You can really see the lean to the rails here….

Not as bad re the welds on this side…

So first things first, you can see that the front apron is twisted and has ripped away from the spot welds… not exactly ideal and I think we will actually need a completely new one; wonderful.

The best part was, we were able to get that fender off and stop it blocking the passenger side door from opening. Now that the passenger side door is open, we could continue taking apart the restraints. However, in sad news the passenger side seatbelt hoop royally ****ed the passenger side leather seat. It could be worse, but it could have been so much better.

This is what happens when the seatbelt tensioner goes off with no one in the seat. It destroyed a part of the loop and tore the leather.

Note the nice hole in the seat and the odd shape of the plastic around one of the screws

The loop torqued about 180 degrees when the tensioner went off.

Next steps are, well.. we’re heading to the shop asap. I keep saying this, but I kept putting it off until we had done this, as quite frankly, it’ll save us money (big money). The rails, the apron and the bonnet need to be fixed. Regardless I have express ordered in some bonnet hinges too, because there is no point fixing the ones we have.

As always, if you want to follow along: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSh90zbYmgORu1snJo7G6Zg

The videos will probably always be behind what I post up in text, because we aren’t doing this to make money. If we say something that is wrong, or we make an assumption that you guys have more knowledge about than me, please dear god tell me!

We also revealed the engine swap we’re doing, I’d be keen to hear what people have to say: http://www.boganengineering.com/2019/03/15/why-the-mx5-and-the-mystery-engine/

Anyways, more in a few weeks after we visit the shop, if people are actually interested. If not, all good 🙂